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Pontius Pilate Judges
Pontius Pilate (Victor Varconi) reluctantly judges Jesus Christ (HB Warner) in Cecil B. DeMille's silent film class...
Muslims Attack Christians
Muslims attack Christians 'in America' over 'Sharia Law'. A federal judge in Michigan has decided to allow a civil-...
The Courtroom
If tonight you should end in heavens court to seek eternal favor, would you face Jesus as judge or would you face H...
Sin No More
Who should judge? Who is just? What is the heart of the law? Greatest commandment? Go and sin no more. - Excerpt fr...
Roman Catholics Saved?
No one can judge a Roman Catholic's heart, but God. However, if the Roman Catholic follows the official position of...
The Judgement Seat
The hour is at hand. The day of salvation is today. Life is but a vapor that is here but for a brief second....
Light of the World
Judgement has come so that the blind see and those who see have become blind. One must do the works of God while it...
Christian Rewards?
What rewards can a Christian gain when he stands before the Judgement Seat of Christ?...
Samson, an Israelite judge, had been given the job of sorting out the Phillistines. But, as per usual, a woman caus...
Can Christians judge non-Christians? Is it always judging? Common sense and the Bible at work!...


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