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Pre-Trib Wedding?
Why is Jesus' teaching in John 14:1-3 an analogy of a Jewish wedding which also infers a Pre-Tribulation rapture of...
The Pre-Trib Rapture
This is a short video covering the basic points of a 2 part sermon I did on the Bible doctrine of the pre-tribulati...
I Don't Believe That You Don't Believe In The Pre-Trib Rapture
This commentary is directed toward those who spend their time attacking the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and those who t...
Biblical Evidence for a Pre-Tribulation Catching Away
Perry Stone shows how there is biblical evidence for a pre-Tribulation Rapture or Catching Away of those who believ...
Rapture Last Trump?
Will The Rapture Occur At The Last Trump? In depth information about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture....
PreTrib Rapture Moment 1
Modern professing 'Christians' might claim to believe in a Pre-Trib. Rapture, but their lives prove that they aren'...


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