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False Prophets
Dave Hunt speaks on Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Rick Joyner, and more....
Who is Allah?
Dave Hunt and Walid shoebat answer the question who Allah is....
Spirits behind the New Age
Dave Hunt and Johanna Michaelsen discuss how occult techniques for communicating with the demonic entities have inv...
Prophecy and World Events
This video of Dave Hunt is from our Dave Hunt Classic video series. Prophecy and relating it to Israel and world ev...
All Nations Against Israel
Last Days Bible Prophecy: All Nations Against Israel - Dave Hunt...
New Age Movement
Dave Hunt and Johanna Michaelsen Discuss New Age Philosophies and how they have Been Christianized....
What Love is This?
What Love is This? - Dave Hunt...

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“If you haven't met the devil today, maybe its because your going in the same direction.” - Dr. Clyde Billingsley
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