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New Bible Versions?
New Versions Are Vatican Versions -Documentary (King James Bible)...
Yea, hath God said...
The corrupt seeds of Satan were sown in the garden of Eden and for nearly 2000 years has produced a spiritual virus...
Some Bibles create FAITH - others DOUBT
You can tell a lot about a Bible by what it produces: Faith or Doubt. The contrast is amazing! Bibles are supposed ...
Ridiculous Bible PerVersions
Ridiculous Bible PerVersions Of The New Age (King James Bible)...
Keep Your Stinking Feet Out of My Drinking Water
Jack Hyles preaches on the need for a complete, inerrant, and inspired bible and exposes the corrupt modern 'bibles...
King James Bible
King James Bible - Dr. Jack Hyles...
Manuscript Evidence (KJV)
Early Manuscript Evidence For The King James Bible - Bryan Denlinger...


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